Board Up, Construction & Emergency Response Services in Everett MA

Everett, MA was first settled in 1630 before being incorporated in 1870 after being separated from Malden.  One of Everett’s biggest claims to fame is that it was the last city in the United States to operate with a bicameral legislature! The City elected its unicameral governing body in 2013, ending the distinction to the dismay of many Everett residents who appreciated Everett’s unique approach. With a population of over 41,000 residents situated just a couple of miles from the ocean, there are many citizens of Everett that need help cleaning up their property when those Nor’Easters roll across the coast.  Boston Board-Up is here to help!

Boston Board-Up is excited to include Everett in its Service Area.  Whether we are working with city officials to keep abandoned buildings boarded up to protect the public, or if your home needs to be boarded up for reconstruction, Boston Board-Up is here to offer our services! Boston Board-Up is a 24-hour emergency response team that specializes in demolition, window board-up, debris hauling and reconstruction.  After an accident, our team will come to your home, or business, and temporarily board-up your structure to keep out intruders, pests, and the elements.  While boarding-up the structure is only a temporary solution, we offer quotes for demolition and reconstruction when you are ready to take on that project.  We will work together with your insurance company to help you get your structure back on its feet! For more information, give us a call at (800) 949-9113 or by filling out our online contact form today!