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Emergency Board Up Services - Wellesley, MA

Boston Board Up provides board-up, temporary fencing, and other emergency services in Wellesley, MA. As a licensed construction supervisor with years of experience as a firefighter, EMT, and military vet, Louis Falzarano established Boston Board Up in 2016 to help home and business owners in crisis situations. He is passionate about helping people and getting them back on their feet. That’s why disaster victims rely on him and Boston Board Up Emergency Services to get them through some of the worst days. 

temporary fencing

Temporary Fencing Services In Wellesley, MA

Boston Board Up Emergency Services offers temporary fencing solutions to home and business owners in Wellesley. Our fencing option provides safety, security, and privacy for those needing an additional defense line. At Boston Board Up and Emergency Services, our experts are always there to help when you need us. We take pride in knowing we provide the services you need at a reasonable cost and the peace of mind that the job will be well done. Contact us here to learn about our temporary fencing solutions in Wellesley, MA!

Emergency Building Stabilization in Wellesley, MA

Boston Board Up provides building stabilization to residents and businesses in the Wellesley area. Boston Board Up Emergency Services operates 24/7 emergency board up services to homes or businesses that have been damaged by fire or weather-related damages. Boarding up exposed areas as quickly as possible will keep the elements out and discourage trespassing and looting. Our team of trained local professionals have experience in all facets of securing a location that has been damaged. Contact Boston Board Up to help with building stabilization.


Contact Boston Board Up Emergency Services In Wellesley, MA

Feel free to contact us at (800) 949-9113. Our years of experience with individuals and communities impacted by natural disasters or catastrophic events have provided us with the right support tools and processes, which we gladly share with others who need them the most in Wellesley, MA. For emergency board-up and temporary fencing services, Boston Board Up is here for you! Fill out our contact form today!