Board Up Services

If your building has been damaged by wind, fire or an act of vandalism, you will need professional board up services to protect your home or business. Board up service includes covering damaged windows and other openings with plywood to limit outward exposure.


Windows can be broken by a number of things; from heavy winds in a storm to a car driving into your building and even vandalism. Whichever way your structure receives the damage, your windows will need temporary protection until they can be replaced. Board up service will offer protection from broken glass, the weather and a level of security from potential intruders.


If your roof has been compromised due to fire, storm or structural damage, you will need to cover up any openings to protect your home. Your roof will need to be tarped and shored until it can be fully examined. This will prevent roof leaks and water damage to your belongings, as well as keeping wildlife out of your home.

Board up services will help prevent further structural damage to your home and can also increase your eligibility for insurance coverage of the event. If you can prove that damaged sustained occurred during the storm or due to vandalism, your insurance policy may be more likely to cover the damage. Prior to entering a property that has suffered structural damage, you should get clearance from emergency services and be sure to wear the proper safety equipment. The building may have undetected safety risks. Boston Board Up Services will secure your building, but note that any initial measures are only TEMPORARY. After fully examining the structure, Boston Board Up Services will provide you with an estimate for debris removal, demolition and structure reconstruction.

Board Up Services Across Greater Boston

Boston Board Up Services will come to your home or business and board up your windows and roof to protect it from exterior elements. We are a 24/7 emergency response unit and will be at your building as soon as possible to secure and board up your structure. We can be reached at (800) 949-9113 or you can fill out our online form.