How to Prevent Your Business from being Burglarized

Businesses are often at risk of break-ins and burglary. While it might be a risk, you can mitigate it. Although you will want to take the necessary steps to ensure that you can recover from the damages, it is also a good idea to aim for prevention. Utilizing these valuable tips is integral to preventing your business from being burglarized. 

Home being broken into by a burglary attempt. Door opened slightly with gloved hand reaching in.

Lighting is essential.

Poor lighting is a burglar’s dream business site. With poor lighting comes dark shadows that allow them to hide from passersby and potential cameras. Most storefronts shut off the lights when the store is closed. However, a dark store means that police passing by cannot see anything unusual going on inside. 

You should install good lighting inside and outside the store. Motion sensor lighting can be an excellent way to startle anyone that is not supposed to be present. It can also catch the attention of others nearby, including law enforcement. 

Place your safe in plain sight.

Many businesses try to hide their safes in dark corners or inconspicuous locations. While it may seem like a good idea to put the valuables in an area where someone might not find them, it also can be a mistake. By situating the safe in a dark corner, thieves have more time to crack it and get what they want. 

Instead, install your safe in a well-lit, easily seen-spot. When businesses adhere to this rule, burglars have less time to break into the safe because someone could see them at any time. You’re also putting potential burglars in plain sight by putting your safe in plain sight. 

Cameras can be invaluable.

There is little reason not to have cameras in your business in the technological age. While some refuse cameras out of respect for employees, the mere presence of cameras can be enough to prevent many burglary attempts. Although this suggests that fake cameras could be beneficial, spending a little extra on real working cameras is best.

Businesses can purchase and install high-quality cameras for relatively cheap. The ability to view the cameras and catch thieves in the act will prevent future break-ins. 

Use burglar-resistant glass on your windows and doors.

Sometimes glass windows are easily broken. Although someone up to no good can still break burglar-resistant glass, it requires more force and effort. Someone choosing to knock over a retail store on a whim will likely be deterred after a few failed attempts at breaking the glass.

Invest in a silent alarm and alarm system.

Alarm systems are vital components to preventing unwanted visitors at your business. Alarm systems can contact the police directly to ensure assistance arrives on-site as quickly as possible. Many alarm companies can also help with a silent alarm on your safe. Consider using a professional in alarm systems to ensure the best quality for your property.

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