fallen tree

What To Do After A Tree Falls On Your House

Severe storms are nothing out of the ordinary, and with every storm comes the risk of a tree falling on your home. It’s a good idea to have an emergency bag packed for everyone in the house during storm season so that if this happens to you and your family, you can all get out safely and quickly. If a tree falls on your house, you need to:

Get Everyone Out 

Everyone needs to be evacuated from the home right away. The tree could have busted pipes, pulled down live wires, and created other hazards that could cause injury or death. If the weather is bad, put everyone in the car and get the car far enough away from the house that the car will be safe if a fire breaks out. 

Call The Police And Utilities

Call 911 to help assess the scene and keep everyone safe. You should also call the gas, electric, and water companies to let them know there could be potential hazards on site. They will likely send technicians out to see if there’s anything they need to turn off on-site or to see if the tree falling on your house has caused any neighborhood outages in vital services. 

Call Your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent

The next call you make should be to your homeowner’s insurance agent. You will need to file a claim and get an agent to come out and complete a full damage assessment. If the agent doesn’t see the damage and get photos and videos before the house is fixed they may not cover the cost of the repair. 

Your homeowner’s insurance agent may also be able to get you some emergency cash for hotel rooms, food, emergency clothing replacement, or any other things you can get by right away. 

Call Emergency Board Up Services 

If a tree came down on your roof, call emergency board-up services to get it removed and patch up damaged areas. Boston Board Up Emergency Services will come to your home immediately, equipped with the tools to properly board up any exposed areas. This will ensure that your home will not become further damaged by weather and elements as well as deter trespassing. 

If you have an emergency situation like a tree falling on your home, contact Boston Board Up Emergency Services immediately. We will help you get your home back as fast as possible.