Emergency Board Up Services In Cambridge, MA

Boston Board Up provides emergency board-up services, temporary fencing, building stabilization, and property restoration to home and business owners in Cambridge, MA. Our team of professionals have years of experience and can tackle any crisis situation. If your home or business has been damaged by a fallen tree, car crash, vandalism, or any weather-related incident, do not hesitate to call Boston Board Up to help restore your property.

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Temporary Fencing In Cambridge, MA

Temporary fencing is the perfect solution for scenes across various industries and situations. It ensures safety by showing clear boundaries, keeping individuals and vehicles away from restricted or potentially hazardous areas. Contact Boston Board Up here for your next temporary fence service in Massachusetts.

Board Up Services In Cambridge, MA

If your home or business has suffered damages, it is important to cover up an exposed areas to keep the elements out and discourage trespassing. You can rest easy knowing Boston Board Up provides around-the-clock board-up services for windows, doors, roof, and other damaged areas. We are dedicated to delivering quality service, quick response times, and durable results. 

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Emergency Building Stabilization In Cambridge, MA

Boston Board Up provides structural restoration in Cambridge, MA. If your property has suffered structural damage, our company is here to clean up the area and board up the damages. 

Tree Vs. Structure

If a tree falls into your home or business, it is important to act quickly to protect anyone inside the building and remain safe outdoors. Call 911 immediately. As soon as you contact emergency services, crews from the fire and police department will begin making their way to your home as well as a building inspector, tree company, and the team from Boston Board Up Services. We will take steps to stabilize the building by removing the tree and boarding up the damage. 

Car Vs. Structure

Having a car drive into your building is distressing for both the building owner and the driver. It is vital to act quickly to minimize injury. You and anyone inside should evacuate the structure immediately and alert the authorities. Emergency service crews will make their way toward your building to determine the safest way to remove the vehicle. Shoring techniques will be used to stabilize and support the structure as a towing company safely extracts the car. The Boston Board Up Services team will then board up and stabilize the structure, removing any debris from the collision.

Contact Boston Board Up Emergency Services

Kindly feel free to contact us at (800) 949-9113. Our years of experience with individuals and communities impacted by natural disasters or catastrophic events have provided us with the right support tools and processes, which we gladly share with others who need them the most. For emergency board-up and temporary fencing services, Boston Board Up is here for you!