fallen tree

Tree vs. Structure

Heavy winds are unpredictable, and their strength could be enough to topple trees of all sizes, from young saplings to towering, full-grown oaks and elms. Depending on the size of the tree and strength of the wind, the tree can come crashing down on your deck, car or even your home. If a tree falls into your home or business, it is important to act quickly to protect anyone inside the building and remain safe outdoors.

What to Do in the Aftermath

A tree may fall into your building without notice. As soon as you hear the crack or any vibrations from the fall, you need to evacuate the building. Find a space outside that is far away from any trees, in case more fall due to the pressure from the wind, and call 911 immediately. As soon as you contact emergency services, crews from the fire and police department will begin making their way to your home, as well as a building inspector, tree company and the crew from Boston Board Up Services. After the structure is fully assessed and deemed safe to enter, steps will be taken to stabilize the building. The tree company will dismantle and remove the tree, branch by branch, before the Board Up crew will be able to shore and secure the building. Debris left inside the home will be removed as the opening in the structure is boarded up to keep wildlife, leaves, and intruders out. As the building is stabilized, notes will be taken to determine if reconstruction is possible, or if the building will need to be demolished and rebuilt. Any work performed immediately on the scene will only be temporary measures to protect the structure from further collapse. Boston Board Up Services will provide quotes for debris removal, reconstruction or demolition after the structure is boarded up and stabilized.

Building Stabilization & Emergency Response in Greater Boston

If a tree falls into your home or business, contact Boston Board Up Services immediately to stabilize the building. We will stabilize your structure to prevent further damage and leave the building secured against intruders. As an emergency response unit, we are open 24/7 and can be reached at (800) 949-9113 or by filling out our online form.

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