Protecting Your Home From Wind Damage

A severe storm can leave your home vulnerable to wind damage along weaker points in the architecture. Your windows, roofing and doors are vulnerable and can be blown off with high enough wind pressure, and nearby trees or outdoor furniture can crash into your home. Luckily, there are steps you can take to limit the potential damage that can be done to your home.

Make sure you cover and reinforce your windows, doors and garage door. Consider installing aluminum or steel storm shutters on any windows, French or sliding glass doors to the exterior of your home. These can be closed quickly and prevent heavy or fast-moving items from breaking glass and allowing wind into your home. These are priced by square foot, so it may seem pricy up front, but will protect your home in the long run. Your garage door is a weak spot in your home’s exterior, and if it is blown off you may be facing severe structural damage to your home’s foundation. Before a storm comes, you should consider hiring a local garage door company to inspect your door’s viability against strong winds.

You should make sure your roof is properly secured before a storm. Each shingle on your roof should be secured by six nails or staples under overlaps, with a waterproof layer underneath to protect your home against potential rain if shingles should be blown off by wind. If you have a metal roof or siding, make sure they are secured to the frame of your house with visible fasteners, and cover the exposed edges with caps or molding to keep drafts from blowing into your home.

You can protect your home by removing or bolting down exterior threats. Sheds and other outdoor buildings can be anchored down with permanent foundations or bolted-down straps nailed into the ground. Strap patio furniture to your deck using taut straps or chains, and bring grills inside. If you have enough notice, move smaller items like chairs inside your home if you have room. Mind your landscaping by keeping trees far enough from your home to avoid damage in case they fall. A rule of thumb to follow is that the tree should sit further from the house than it is high when it is fully grown. Fallen trees can damage your windows, roof, and the general structure of your home.

If your Boston area home has been damaged by strong winds, contact Boston Board Up Services immediately. We will go to your home, secure your roof and board up any damaged windows or doors that day. We can be reached 24 hours a day at (800) 949-9113, or you can fill out our contact form.