What Should I Do After An Emergency?

Family in front of house fireAn emergency or disaster situation can be incredibly tense and stressful, and smaller details can get lost in the shuffle. It is completely normal to not entirely know what to do, but following these tips will help you get back on your feet and begin the recovery process as quickly as possible.

Preparing for an Emergency

You may not want to think about the worse case scenario, but being prepared can save a lot of time and heartache if it occurs. Having an emergency plan in place with your family will help reduce chaos in an uncertain time. Make sure each member of the family has a go bag packed with several days’ worth of clothing, books, nonperishable food, prescription medications and important paperwork, including birth certificates, forms of identification, insurance cards and bank account information. These should be kept in a waterproof container to prevent damage. Each family member should also have three days’ worth of water, a flashlight with a change of batteries, a whistle and a battery-operated radio to receive weather and news transmissions.

Actions to Take After An Emergency

While it may seem like an impossible task, the first thing you should do after a disaster occurs is to try to stay calm. After checking yourself and your family members for minor and major injuries, check your neighbors and surroundings to make sure there aren’t life-threatening situations around your immediate area. If your phone lines are still active, contact emergency services only if you require immediate assistance. Local departments may be transmitting messages through robocalls to landlines, which can stay active even in power outages. Secure your pets in crates or carriers to prevent them from running off, as they may be confused or frightened, and turn your radio on to a working frequency to hear important updates. Make sure you are wearing proper shoes and protective clothing, and avoid turning on faucets or flushing toilets until you are sure the sewer lines are intact. Do not light matches until you are sure a gas leak has not occurred. Avoid downed power lines, and if your home is inaccessible, make sure your family meets at the previously designated spot.

Immediate Emergency Response in Greater Boston

If you are faced with an emergency resulting in structural damage, contact Boston Board Up Services. We will arrive on the scene with emergency services and a building inspector, and as soon as the building is deemed safe to enter we will begin shoring the walls and boarding up the windows, stabilizing the structure. All initial measures taken by Boston Board Up Services are only temporary, and we will provide quotes for eventual demolition, debris removal and reconstruction. Our director is a former firefighter and our business comes with many years of emergency response experience. Boston Board Up Services can be reached 24 hours a day by calling (800) 949-9113 or by filling out our online form.