How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Suffered From Wind Damage?

wind damage on roofAfter a storm hits, there is bound to be clean up. Branches will be torn off trees and scattered around your yard, porch, and roof. While you are removing debris from the latest storm, you should take the opportunity to check your roof for wind damage. Wind damage can compromise the integrity of your roof and leave your home at risk for further problems.

How Can Wind Affect My Roof?

Wind does not move across your roof evenly. The corners and edges of the roof are designed to withstand more pressure from heavy wind, rain, and snow, but the inner sections can be vulnerable to stress. As wind hits the roof, shingles and granules may become loose, moving each time a gust of wind comes through. As pressure is put on the loose shingles, it can have a domino effect on the attached materials. As shingles are moved and insulation is exposed, the roof is prone to leaks and drafts. By doing periodic visual inspections of your roof, you are keeping the structure safe and reducing the need for replacements.

How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Wind Damage?

After a storm or a particularly windy day, perform a visual inspection of your roof. Take note of any missing or visibly damaged shingles. Damage can include cracks, curling on the edges or torn off pieces. There may also be crumpling around the edges of the roof. Damage that covers less than one-third of your roof may be able to be repaired, so it is important to check as soon as possible so problems do not worsen. While examining your roof, check your gutters for debris, rust, and bends. Leaving debris in your gutters can easily lead to clogging after a cold spell, making it easier for ice dams to form. Your chimney may also be vulnerable, so take note of damaged bricks and cracked joints. Since the chimney is separate from the rest of the structure, the flashing is prone to damage.

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