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What Causes Most House Fires?

Unfortunately, a fourth of all fires reported annually occur in the home. Residential fires are closely associated with fire-related deaths. However, knowing the main reasons why house fires start and how to prevent them can help save you and your family from an emergency. Knowing where and when fires are most likely to ignite can help you protect yourself, your family, and your home from tragedy. In this blog, we will go over the main causes of house fires and what to do following a fire emergency.


Unfortunately, kitchens, known as the heart of the home, rank as the most common area for fires to originate. Unattended cooking is the primary cause of kitchen fires and related injuries. These preventable incidents underscore the importance of remaining on top of your appliances: consistently monitor the stove, oven, and other appliances and ensure that combustible items are kept safe. Never leaving the kitchen while cooking with high heat is crucial, as fires can escalate rapidly. Additional safety measures include turning off cooking appliances when stepping away, ensuring all equipment is switched off after use, and being mindful of hot surfaces by keeping items like dish towels and hot pads away from potential hazards. By adhering to these precautions, the risk of kitchen fires can be significantly minimized.

Living Rooms

Heating equipment ranks as the second leading cause of house fires, with chimneys posing the highest risk among heat sources. Fireplaces, chimneys, wood-burning stoves, and space heaters are all potential triggers for uncontrollable fires in living rooms. Adhering to a few safety precautions is crucial to ensure the warmth remains safely contained within the firebox.


Bedroom fires of electrical origin commonly stem from defective or overloaded wiring and malfunctioning lighting fixtures. Cords, space heaters, and electric blankets also pose potential fire hazards in bedrooms. The cozy elements like bedding, carpeting, and draperies often act as kindling, quickly fueling the flames in the event of a fire outbreak.

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