What To Do If a Tree Hits Your Building

With the heavy winds and rain leading to stronger spring storms than previously expected, trees surrounding your property may be more vulnerable to lightning strikes and weakened beams. If a tree falls on your property and lands on your home or business, it is important to make sure you take the proper steps to keep everyone inside safe.

Evacuate the Building Immediately

You will not be able to tell at first glance how bad the situation is from your vantage point. After a tree falls into your home, you will need to get to the main floor of your home and exit as quickly as possible. If doors are blocked by the tree, you may need to leave through a window. Make sure everyone who was inside is accounted for.

Call Emergency Services for Help

Regardless of how quickly you will be able to evacuate the structure, you will need the assistance of emergency personnel to assess the structure and provide treatment. If you are trapped in the structure without a safe way to exit, firefighters will be equipped with the tools to remove you from the building. If trees are falling in the neighborhood, there is a likely chance that power lines will also be knocked down, requiring professional attention.

Accompanying emergency services will be a building inspector to evaluate the structure and a team to shore and board up the doors, windows, and roof. These will be measures taken to temporarily stabilize the building until a thorough inspection of damage can be performed, leading to building repairs or eventual demolition and reconstruction. The team will remove as much of the tree as possible on the initial visit, but may require an additional appointment to clear the debris.

 Emergency Response & Tree Removal Services in Lynn, Saugus, Medford & Woburn

If a tree lands on your building, contact Boston Board Up Services for immediate response and estimates on reconstruction and demolition. We will be able to help you navigate this period and get back into the building as quickly as possible. Boston Board Up Services can be reached by calling 800-949-9113 or by filling out our online contact form.