Louis Falzarano Owner of Boston Board Up

Louis Falzarano, Licensed Construction since 1980

Choose the right partner for your 24 Hour Emergency Services. All you need is one phone call and you can relax knowing your in good hands. Call today for a consultation and meet your new team.

(800) 949-9113 or info@BostonBoardUpServices.com

It’s not just business, it’s people helping people.

Here When You Need Us.

Louis Falzarano, Licensed Construction since 1980

Lou attended a carpentry and construction trade school working on many projects while developing a solid understanding of the foundation necessary for a long lasting solid structure. Great experience also came during his long service in the National Guard as a heavy equipment operator. Responding to various large and small emergency situations with great care and integrity. Because of his drive to help people Lou studied diligently and became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Lou had a mission. First the North Virginia Fire Academy and then Massachusetts Fire Fighter Academy I & II. To say that Louis Falzarano is a First Responder is a literal understatement. Over 7 years experience in emergency life-saving response services. All this time Lou conquered all size construction projects and kept his Unrestricted Licensed Construction Supervisor current. Some years later after his honorable Fire Fighter service Lou was recruited by a local emergency services company. This company and even the industry, had some practices that many would feel take advantange of the circumstances to grow their bottom line. That was not working for Lou. A need for ethical emergency services was discovered. Lou had had the perfect partner in mind. His son Nick who also has many years as a talented Carpenter & Unrestricted Licensed Construction Supervisor. With the Dream Team in place, Boston Board UP Emergency Services was founded. Operated by family, for families and businesses in need of licensed insured ethical emergency services you can trust. It’s not just business. It really is people helping people.

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