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Choosing the right public adjuster matters! Not all adjusters are the same. Not all insured priorities are the same either. Knowing your options can help you in your time of need. Boston Board UP can also help offer TRUSTED Public Adjuster options if you do not know where to turn.

A PUBLIC ADJUSTER is a professional claims handler/ claims adjuster who advocates for the POLICYHOLDER in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim.

Aside from attorneys and the broker of record, state licensed public adjusters can legally represent the rights of an INSURED during an insurance claim process. Their technical expertise and ability to interpret sometimes ambiguous insurance policies allow property OWNERS to receive the MAXIMUM amount of indemnification for their claims. Although seen many times as adversarial by the Carriers, public adjusters do (almost always) substantially INCREASE the settlement value of the loss. Many choose PUBLIC ADJUSTER representation to guide them through the process and minimize the time which must be spent to perfect their claim. Most PUBLIC ADJUSTERS charge a percentage of the settlement like general contractors who add (10/10) to the total repair cost to cover overhead and reasonable profit. Primarily PUBLIC ADJUSTERS prepare detailed scope and cost estimates many times using experts like Boston Board UP Emergency Services in the fields of remediation, toxicology, and construction engineers to PROVE their loss. PUBLIC ADJUSTERS also provide insurance policy interpretation to determine covered and uncovered items and to negotiate with the insurance Carrier to a final and FAIR settlement.

There are three classes of insurance claims adjusters: staff adjusters (employed by an insurance company or self-insured entity), independent adjusters (independent contractors hired by the insurance company) and PUBLIC ADJUSTERS (employed by the policyholder). “Company” or “independent” adjusters can only legally represent the rights of an insurance company.

There is a clear distinction between a loss adjuster, who works on behalf of an INSURANCE COMPANY, and a PUBLIC ADJUSTER who works on behalf of a POLICYHOLDER.

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