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What To Do When A Car Hits Your House

Because accidents do happen, it is important to know who to call and when. When a car first hits your storefront or home, you may experience shock at first. This is completely normal. Although a car hitting a building is rare, it can happen. Not only can cars cause damage to the exterior of the building, you want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. Once you have determined everyone is safe, there are a few different methods you can take. In this blog, we will explore the different methods you can take when a car hits your home and who you should call.

What To Do Immediately Following A Car Hitting Your House

Right after the crash happens, you want to assess the situation. If there is a fire or anyone is severely injured, call 911. You want to evacuate everyone from the house and secure everyone in a safe area, far from the scene. If this occurs in a place that has gas lines, you want to turn that off immediately. Make sure it is safe to do so. You do not want to injure or put yourself in harm by doing this. You also would want to make a police report to report the accident. Make sure you answer their questions thoroughly. If you have any camera footage, be sure to show it to them and explain what happened.

Why Do People Crash Their Cars Into Buildings?

It is crucial to be on the lookout for people who are not capable of driving. While cars crashing into buildings is uncommon, it can happen. Some reasons why people would accidentally drive into a building are drowsy drivers, medical emergencies where the driver does not have time to evacuate, defective vehicles, poor road design or imperfections, harsh weather conditions, and distracted drivers by their cellular devices. 

Keep The Building From Further Damage

Once the crash is done and all of the debris is removed, you want to protect your home or building from further damage. That is why you need to call a professional board-up company. They can help remove leftover debris and help board up the area that was affected by the crash. You want to do this for structural reasons, but you want to keep people out of that area.

Call Boston Board Up For Emergency Board Up Services For Your Home

Call the experts at Boston Board Up to help protect your home and provide emergency building stabilization. We are around 24/7 for any emergencies you may face. We are based out of Stoneham, MA, but we serve a 90-mile radius around that. Give us a call at 800-949-9113 or fill out our contact form if you have experienced a car crash in your building.